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Older Veterans Rely More on Agriculture for Employment
USAgNet - 02/14/2018

Nearly 19 million veterans lived in the United States in 2015. Almost 18 percent of them lived in rural counties, compared to 15 percent of the U.S. adult civilian population.

The USDA says about 45 percent of rural veterans were working age (18 to 64 years old); the rest were elder veterans (65 years or older). Overall, about 21 percent of elder rural veterans reported currently working (full- or part-time) or having last worked (if retired or unemployed) in the agriculture industry.

By comparison, less than 3 percent of working-age veterans reported the same.

Instead, working-age veterans relied more on the manufacturing industry for employment.

About 19 percent of working age veterans reported currently working or having last worked in manufacturing, compared to 7 percent of elder veterans.

Both working age and elder veterans relied about equally for employment in some industries -including education and health, wholesale and retail trade, and construction.

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