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GROWMARK and InnerPlant Pilot World's First Soybean Fungal Sensor
Michigan Ag Connection - 12/08/2023

GROWMARK and InnerPlant are unveiling a groundbreaking advancement in agricultural technology with InnerSoy, the world's pioneering soybean fungal sensor. This innovation harnesses satellite technology to detect stress indicators in soybeans caused by fungal threats, nutrient deficiencies, or water scarcity.

InnerPlant, specializing in genetic plant engineering, has developed a system that prompts plants to emit optical signals when encountering stress factors. These signals, visible even from space, provide farmers with crucial warnings up to two weeks earlier than existing technologies, enabling swift and precise actions to safeguard their crops.

The commercial pilot program, set to launch in 2024 across the Midwest, will establish small InnerSoy plots. Over the subsequent three years, the initiative will expand to numerous locations. These plots, termed "sentinels," will serve to monitor and alert farmers of potential fungal infestations, aiding InnerPlant in refining their market approach.

The program aims to showcase the value of early detection and swift intervention afforded by InnerSoy. By enabling plant-by-plant management, the technology empowers farmers to optimize actions, thereby reducing risks associated with adverse weather, geopolitical events, and pathogen threats.

Mark Orr, CEO of GROWMARK, emphasized the significance of this pilot in providing farmer-customers access to state-of-the-art technology that directly taps into plant physiology. This critical data enables proactive measures, mitigating risks and bolstering crop protection.

This collaboration between GROWMARK and InnerPlant heralds a new era in agricultural innovation, revolutionizing crop monitoring and protection through cutting-edge sensor technology.

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