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MDARD Announces Specialty Crop Block Grant Recipients
Michigan Ag Connection - 10/12/2018

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced Thursday the Michigan recipients of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

"What makes the Specialty Crop Block Grants so unique and so impactful is their flexibility," said MDARD Director Gordon Wenk. "With these grants, Michigan's incredible and diverse specialty crop producers will benefit through financial support in all kinds of different areas, including marketing, sustainability, production optimization, insect and disease prevention, processing technology, and even human health research." The grants, with a maximum award of $100,000 each, enhance the competitiveness of the state's specialty crops. Below is the list of grantees:

Bay View Wine Trail, Inc. $100,000 -- Enhancing the Competitiveness of Michigan's Newest American Viticulture Area by Increasing Awareness Sales, and Sustainability

Cherry Marketing Institute $35,954 -- Strengthening the Market for Michigan Tart Cherry Farmers

Flint Fresh Mobile Market $82,408 -- Developing Processed Frozen Vegetables for Wholesale to Independent Groceries

Michigan Apple Committee $100,000 -- Enhancing Competitiveness of Michigan Apples through Consumer Awareness

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board $99,970 -- Integrated Crop Management and Biorational Strategies for Sustainable Asparagus Production

Michigan Bean Commission $99,982 -- Integration of Sustainable Mgmt. Practices Essential for the Advancement of Michigan Dry Bean Production

Michigan Blueberry Commission $99,303 -- Developing Tactics for Stem Gall Wasp Control in Michigan Blueberries

Michigan Carrot Committee $99,423 -- Strategies to Protect Carrot Root Quality and Maximize Marketable Yields

Michigan Celery Research, Inc. $92,440 -- Integrating Insect and Disease Strategies to Advance Celery Field Management

Michigan Cherry Committee $77,400 -- Investigation into the Effects of Montmorency Cherry Juice on Human Health

Michigan Farm Bureau $100,000 -- Fruit Acreage Inventory and Labor Survey

Michigan Farmers Market Association $81,310 -- Leveraging Farmer-to-Farmer Educational Events for Specialty Crop Producers to Create Consumer-Facing Profiles

Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative $64,359 -- The Michigan Flower Growers' Cooperative: Cultivating Beauty in Southeast Michigan

Michigan Food and Farming Systems $99,998 -- Closing the Loop: Models for Leveraging GroupGAP Certification

Michigan Potato Industry Commission $99,096 -- Increasing Consumer Awareness and Consumption of Michigan Potatoes

Michigan Pumpkin Association $15,500 -- Establishing the Michigan Pumpkin Association

Michigan Restaurant Association $69,251 -- Educational Support Foundation -- Development of Chef-Inspired, Dietician Approved, Healthy Recipes to Increase Michigan Specialty Crops Market Share

Michigan State Horticultural Society $82,813 -- Identification of Superior Apple Cultivars for Novel Applications in Michigan

Michigan Tree Fruit Commission $99,950 -- Development of Precision Decision Support Systems to Protect and Optimize Michigan Tree Fruit

Michigan Vegetable Council $65,914 -- Developing Integrated Crop Management and Extension Programming for Michigan Table Beet and Turnip Production

Michigan Vegetable Council $93,837 -- Optimizing Production of Processing Squash with Increased Quality and Disease Resistance

Pickle Packers International, Inc. $100,000 -- A Marketing Program to Increase Pickle & Pickled Vegetable Consumption in a Mature Market.

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