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Michigan Weather Creating Low Hay Supplies
Michigan Ag Connection - 04/16/2019

There were 2.4 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending Sunday, according to Marlo Johnson, director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Most regions across the State experienced cooler temperatures and varying levels of precipitation during the latter part of the week. As a result, most regions were still too wet or snow covered for much substantial fieldwork. This was especially true in the Upper Peninsula where some counties reported having up to nine inches of snow on the ground.

Over-saturated fields continued to have a negative effect on winter wheat conditions. However, reporters noted that conditions improved in the drier and warmer areas of the state.

In areas where the weather permitted, oats and sugarbeets continued to be planted. However, most fields were still too cold and wet for much planting to occur.

Persistent snow and cold temperatures have also started to result in low hay supplies and muddy pastures. Reporters noted that this has caused some issues with calving.

Other activities included the spreading of manure, and equipment preparation for the upcoming planting season.

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